Finding Treasures Together

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What's this about a Treasure Hunt?

Hidden Treasure? REAL treasure!


This is an online treasure hunt, fueled by reality - and powered by Steem! (what is Steem?)  This treasure hunt is a "game"  that encourages kids to get AWAY from the screen and INTO real life!  They are encouraged in 5 specific areas:  

  • How to hone their talents
  • How to be generous in serving others
  • How to treat their environment with care
  • How to take good care of their health and hygiene  
  • How to start thinking about their future career

A bonus?  They get to learn little bits of cryptocurrency through the Steem platform along the way!  When they earn points for these daily tasks, they get to use their points to dig for REAL treasure on an online map!   Kids have fun earning treasure, while parents feel assured they are storing PRICELESS treasure in their minds for their future!  Families must have an active Steem account in order to join. 

Get your free Steem account here!

Can I be a Monkee?


Our next stage is our 30-day Beta Test, so we are open to making exceptions, but our target Monkee age is 8-14. In our Alpha Test we did have younger and older Monkees, and they LOVED it! 

Be sure to contact us if you want to be a Spunkee Monkee family!

BETA TEST set to begin Feb 1 2019

What happens NEXT in the FULL version game?

spunkee monkee image of the spunkee monkee gala event  for the online treasure hunt

Great question! Instead of the 30-day Beta version, it will be a six-month version where all of our Monkees will not only be digging for treasure , but they will be competing for the top 100 semi-finalist spots on the Leaderboard. At the end of the 6 month Treasure Hunt, the Monkee Judges will select the most extraordinary  Monkees and invite them to a 3-day SPUNKEE MONKEE GALA event where one will be awarded Spunkee Monkee of the Year

Now THAT is going to be a LOT of FUN!!! 



It's an amazing, decentralized crowdfunding site that allows its users to fund campaigns by using cryptocurrencies! There are no fees, contribution rewards, and immediate access to donations! 

According to their website, " Both Founders and Backers benefit greatly from Fundition. Backers have a one-on-one relationship with the Founder, and they are rewarded in two ways by giving to projects. First, they receive rewards from the Founder, and second, they receive rewards (in HeartPower) for any contribution, no matter how small. Founders benefit by receiving contributions directly, with no fees, from Backers. And Founders also receive ongoing rewards (in Hearts and HeartPower) for content, updates, and final delivery. " (

Our Spunkee Monkee Campaign has been supported heartily by Fundition!  Every update that we post is given a significant upvote that allows us to grow quickly - which allows us to bring more fun, prizes, and excitement to our Monkees!



Important Info!

February 1


+ Event Details

February 1


We are hoping to have 100 Spunkee Monkee families ready to go for this month long Treasure Hunt!  Be sure to sign up to be involved in the fun!

Mid year 2019

Full game LAUNCH!

+ Event Details

Mid year 2019

Full game LAUNCH!

The launch of our FULL VERSION Spunkee Monkee game!  This will be the 6 month game!  Get Ready!!!! Compete to be the Spunkee Monkee of the Year!

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